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Rosetta Stone v2.0 - the next generation - translates 33 languages now

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Hello world !

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Rosetta Stone is a smooth and small online translation tool with advanced, very comfortable features, powerful and easy to use. It is able to translate texts of nearly any size (in fact there seems to be a limit) from 33 languages to 33 languages in any combination with astonishing grammatical abilities.

List of supported translation languages:

Central and Western Europe: German, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Welsh, Latin

Nordic Languages: Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Icelandic

East and South East Europe: Russian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish

East Asia: Filipino (Tagalog), Japanese (Kanji), Japanese (Hiragana), Korean, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional)

America: Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese

Rosetta Stone supports nine interface languages: German, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek and Russian.

In spite of AutoIt limitations (no support for Unicode or non-Latin characters), Rosetta Stone will even display the result in East European and Asian characters. If you want use this feature you have to install the Asian language support from the WinXP CD (Control Panel => Region Settings => Languages).

Rosetta Stone allows you to translate entire texts "on the fly" by reading and writing to the clipboard in "silent mode" (without the interface).

Rosetta Stone can (in embedded Macro Mode) read out the marked text in your document and translate it by one click (without the interface).

If selected, Rosetta Stone returns alternative / equivalent translations (see below => advanced options).

Have fun !

1. The Graphical User Interface:


Be sure to enter texts grammatically and orthographically correct or you will receive really weird translations ! Try to simplify the input text and use short sentences. Do not use abbreviations like "it´s" or "can´t". Be aware that the English language is often ambiguous. There is no differenciation between verbs, adjectives and substantives, no conjugation of verbs and sometimes no plural (e.g. "you" has an uncountable amount of meanings), which makes an exact translation difficult.

You can select out of 33 input and 33 output languages. Some combinations cannot be translated directly. Rosetta Stone then will offer you a "transit" language. Usually English will be the better transit language, but in some cases you can select French instead and compare the significance of the translations (Radio buttons). For this reason I added the option to choose a transit language even in case that a direct translation is available.

On typing do not use the Return button, as this will initialize the translation. Any formatting will be ignored and stripped anyway. If you want to exclude a word from translation (e.g. names) you can surround the word by two asterisks (e.g. "In *New York* I was born"). This does not work for InterTran.

Checkbox "Automatic" : => forces Rosetta Stone to translate the input text immediately on change of result or transit language without using the translate button.

Button "Replace" : => exchanges the input text with clipboard text. Action can be undone by clicking button once more.

Button "Copy" : => copies result text to clipboard. This also works with East European and Asian characters.

Button "Delete" : => deletes both edit box texts. Action can be undone by clicking button once more.

Button "Translate It" : => Translate It !

Button "Exit" : => Saves all settings and current texts on exit.

Possible (silent) error messages:

no connection to translation service: check internet connection, try again later (heavy traffic / busy ?), or text too long.

no translation possible: check if you selected the wrong input language ?, or (if text is only one word): word unknown or the same as origin (identical in and output will return an error message).

returns only question marks or empty squares: you have to install the Asian language pack (see above).

"Service not available"

"Bad IP" (I have no idea what that means.)

"<<<Unexpected Error>>>"

"Server busy. Try again." (only InterTran)

"Sorry, no translation available." (only InterTran)

2. The Tray functions:


= Left click on tray icon will maximize and activate Rosetta Stone.

= Double click on on tray icon will automatically translate the clipboard content "on the fly" and in "silent mode". The translation will automatically be copied to the clipboard. This function is also available while the main window is minimized. A tooltip window and notification sound will inform you about the process result. Silent mode can be also activated by using the global hotkey "alt + s". This feature is extremely useful when you have to translate a text without losing focus on your work. Just mark and copy the text, activate silent mode and copy the result from clipboard into in your text.

= Right click on tray icon opens extended options:



Help (this file)

Language Selection


Show clipboard text in a tooltip window

This will display the clipboard content neatly "line feeded" in a balloon window near the "Replace" button, so you will be enabled to manage your clipboard. The tooltip will be hidden when Rosetta Stone is not active or minimized. East European and Asian characters (although correct in clipboard) cannot be displayed in a tooltip window due to AutoIt limitations.

Macro or "Embedded Mode"

This will create a "Rosetta Stone Button" in the title bar of your currently active window. Just mark (no need to copy) the text you want to be translated and click the Rosetta Stone button (or hit the hotkey "alt + v"). The translation will be put to clipboard and displayed in a balloon window. You can copy the result into your document or just use it to read foreign texts (e.g. in Internet Explorer). The tooltip will be hidden when you move or change your active window. This mode is an extremly useful combination of silent and tooltip mode. Note: the Macro will disappear from the screen if there is no active window.

Just give it a try translating a chapter of this help file !

Set InterTran as default engine

This will set InterTran as default engine whenever possible (instead of imTranslator). See below for further information (Advanced options).

Silent Mode translation (see above)

Minimize Rosetta Stone

Restore ( and activate ) Rosetta Stone

3. Hotkeys:


All functions are "hotkeyed" by "alt" + the corresponding underlined character. All hotkeys will be deactivated while Rosetta Stone is not active or minimized ( with the exception of Silent Mode "alt + s", Macro Button "alt + v" and Restore "alt + r" (in German "alt + w"), which will be globally available ! ).

4. The advanced options:


Between the two edit boxes you will find the possibility to select the translation engine directly. For normal use there will be no need to change the default, but sometimes you might find it useful to compare the results. Each engine has two radio buttons in order to enable the selection of each step in case of intertranslation.


The default engine for translations between German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Portugese, Spanish, Greek, Russian, Japanese (Hiragana), Korean and Chinese. Very fast and reliable translations, large texts will be translated with high precision and huge vocabulary. Does not support non-Latin characters.

altavista BabelFish:

Apparently the same engine as imTranslator, but the interface supports the input of non-Latin characters and offers some more direct combinations. Slower server, so there seems to be no need to choose it unless Rosetta Stone does it.


Offers nearly any translation combination (lots of them direct) with the exception of Japanese (Hiragana), Korean and Chinese. Automatically uses English transit when direct translation is not available. Attempts to detect possible input language on receiving wrong input and returns the supposed translation instead of an error message. Supports input of non-Latin characters. Returns alternative translations for every word in texts with less than 25 words (only Latin characters can be displayed due to AutoIt limitations).

Disadvantages: slow server, low precision of translation (selects always the first translation alternative), no grammatical ability, no reliability on bigger texts. Occasionally returns senseless letters due to bad HTML script. The engine is very useful on single word translations and limited texts. Best use it as a dictionary, though poor vocabulary.

5. Troubleshooting:


On translating to non-Latin characters (East-European and Asian languages) the output box display might be interferred by "Microsoft Script Debugger". The corresponding process is named "vs7jit.exe". On this event confirm to open the debugger, go to Extras => Options => Debugger and deactivate debugging.

In case Rosetta Stone freezes and is not accessible any more it can always be terminated by clicking the tray "Exit".

I am obliged to mention that the implemented round buttons are taken from the following website:

>>> http://www.graphics-4free.com/bullets2.html <<<.

This site provides free graphics and I recommend a visit.

The first start of Rosetta Stone may take a few minutes to connect to the translation services and download some necessary image files. Keep calm.

Rosetta Stone will always check the internet connection on starting. Rosetta Stone is ready when the green light appears. Please configurate your firewall.

6. The Rosetta Stone Project:


Rosetta Stone is supposed to develop into a universal translating tool. Thus I will go on searching the web and adding available services, languages and combinations. I appreciate any contribution to this project. Please inform me if you know any recommendable translation service in the net or if you feel able to add a further interface language (just translate the "$Words[2]" line). You will be mentioned in the credits list. Thank you.

I recommend downloading the entire "RosettaStone.exe" in order to obtain a more beautiful icon than the AutoIt default one. You will need this icon for the "Rosetta Stone Button". I guarantee that the .exe does not contain malicious functions and is exactly the same as the .au3. If you doubt you can leave the .exe untouched in the same folder just using the .au3 which will retrieve the Rosetta Stone icon from the .exe.

peace on earth jennico

i have to mention that the v2.0 is in some regards beta. occasionally there seem to be problems in macro mode and i could not test all the numerous combinations. please inform me about problems.

better download the source code or the compiled exe than copy from this page because of the long lines !

Please give me feedback !


Edit: There seems to be some kind of server error. if you want to download the "RosettaStone.exe", you have to do that by right clicking and opening in new window. Direct click doesn't always work.

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