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Welkom to Developer Flow Controle (DFC).

I have made a small program that you can use for developing your programs,

what it does it show in a graphical way you source (like UML).

If you run DFC.exe it will ask you to open or save DFCOUTPUT.hta you open it and you get to see the overview from you project (flow chart).

Now the next thing that you have to do is open DFCDataFile the first button like on the top, it's open notepad with the data of you flow, see example of the commands that you can use, you can add comment, procnode, rootnodes e.t.

after that just run ones DFCCompiler and you flow will be rebuild.

From that point by clicking on the urls, next of iets symbol it will again open notepad here you put your code, so do it by all.

Finaly press on the combine on the left of your rootnode, it combine's all the code to one file.

Now the main core of it all is to split you long source file into separate files, this make it easy to modify, find your code (like debugging).

Also it's for all different language's so you can make html , autoit , e.t.

This is the begining of it, i'am still in developing state this mean it needs to improve a lot, (like combining option).

Also i need to write a good manual for it but because i'am a dutch one my english is not to well so i need big help on it.

Ps. if you copy DFC.EXE DFC.ICO Combine.exe to a new directory and run DFC.exe it will create DataDFC for you also DFCDATA.txt

It will run on below specs.

- Internet Explorer 5 and up (6 is the best)

- Win Xp, or 2000

- screen resolution 1024 or up

Please let me know (tvrman@wanadoo.nl) for any idea's bugs or comments at all.



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