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Tray items problem

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Guys, below is a script by PaulIA again. Please help me to complete it. Last time I posted it the original question kinda derailed in the answers. :)

What this script does is it finds the Volume control in the tray menu, right clicks on it and then selects/clicks one of the popup menu items: "Open Volume Control". I need to find a way to be able to instruct the script which of the 2 items to click on. Have not found a solution so far.

#include <A3LMenu.au3>
#include <A3LToolbar.au3>

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 4)

$hWnd   = ControlGetHandle("classname=Shell_TrayWnd", "", "Notification Area")
$iCount = _Toolbar_ButtonCount($hwnd)

for $iI = 1 to $iCount
  $iCommand = _Toolbar_IndexToCommand($hWnd, $iI)
  $sText    = _Toolbar_GetButtonText ($hWnd, $iCommand)
  if $sText = "Volume" then
    if ControlGetHandle("classname=Shell_TrayWnd", "", "Button2") <> 0 then
      ControlClick("classname=Shell_TrayWnd", "", "Button2")
    _Toolbar_ClickButton($hWnd, $iCommand, "right", False, 1, 1)

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