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How to interact with checkboxes in listbox?

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My script is made to interact with an external application that i didn't make.

This application has a GUI which is presenting a listbox in which every line has a checkbox on the left.

I succeeded to reach the lines, to select them but i can't figure out how to check the checkboxes.

With the AutoIt Window Info, i can just have information about the listbox. To reach the lines i am using Auto3Lib.

Does someone know how to do it?

Thank you

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maybe figure LB_GETITEMDATA and SendMessage. and some LB_SETITEMDATA. but seems ptr return problem in DllCall. okey dokey - try spacebar. ~Jap

for test. listbox here

Run("control appwiz.cpl,,2")
WinWait("Windows Components")
WinClose("Add or Remove")
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I tried with the keyboard and it is working.

But if someone has a solution without the keyboard, i am interested.

I am not sure that i will always have keyboard access.


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