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Pseudo Password Encryption For AU3

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I have written a program that will give one Pseudo password encryption in their script. This is more a Security by Obscurity but it will keep people from being able to read it in plain text somewhere.

It will ask you for a filename with a .au3 extension. When it creates the encrypted part it will add some functions to the bottom of your au3 script.

It will then ask for a password. It works with Capitals and spaces I have not tried special characters though.

It will then create a .ini file and add the necessary functions to the bottom of your script.

Put this .ini file wherever you would like for the program to access it. Add somewhere in your script where you want to get the password this

$MyVariable = EncryptPassword("Path to .ini file")

When you run your script $MyVAriable will have your unencrypted password.

Find the program here Password Encryption

There are still some issues:

1) Need to make files not as obvious.

2) Add support to read from the registry or other kinds of files.

3) Make standalone support

4) Make it so that if the functions are already in the script it won't put them in again. Be wary you will get an error when you run into this.

Please give me any feedback.



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