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installation eror with auto3lib

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I get the following error trying to install the autoitv3 libraries from the downloads page:

auto3Lib requires at least version of AutoIt. Your version is

then the installation exits, any ideas?


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any ideas?

:) psstt! If you can keep a secret I'll let you know about this really cool "backdoor" feature this forum has that very few people know about. If you take your mouse and click on the word "Search" in the upper right hand corner this box like magically appears. Its like voodoo, really spooky stuff. I've even heard that this is the source of the Bermuda Triangle mystery. No wonder people don't use it!!

Anyways, I took a risk and searched the keywords "auto3Lib install error" and got some links that might have the answer.

Remember this is like "Top Secrect" stuff, don't tell anyone where you got the answer, it could jeopardize both of our lives.

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