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I have a MDI Application running which opens several child windows. I want to access a specified pixel in one of those childs.

How can I do that? ActiveWindow is always the MDI-Frame. I can't tell, where it is located on the screen, so absolute coordinates do not work. I need relative.

The window spy shows me the title of the active child window somewhere in its list of the "visible window text" area...

How can I access one specific child window in an MDI frame? I need the coordinates (inside the MDI frame) of this window to go ahead from there and find the pixel I am so desperately looking for :)

Any help appreciated!

thanks, Mike

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WinGetPos using the title of the mdi window (not the outside window, the inside).


if i use the window title of the mdi CHILD i get an error and no array is returned from the function. If I use the title of the MDI Frame i get (of course) the coordinates of the main window. This approach doesn't work or I missed something fundamental. Seems like I have no way to access the inner form of a MDI.

Can you explain that a little closer please or do you have any other ideas?

thx, mike

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