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How to refrech Shell_TrayWnd area after kill process

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Hi, All,

Q1: I use AutoIt's exe file to do such cases:

1) Suppose my program is ABC.exe; when it is running, there is icon shown in Shell_TrayWnd area (bottom-right of windows' toolbar, just near to the system time table. Each program has a icon in it, such as: Outlook, MSN, Yahoo, AutoIt exe icon);

2) My program is running.

3) Run AutoIt's exe to kill progress that associated with my program;

4) Progress has been killed, but the icon in Shell_TrayWnd area did not disappear at once;

BTW: in may case module, I need to kill and start my program time and time again. hence, there are serveral same icons in Shell_TrayWnd area, it is confused and usefulless.

hope someone can help to answer it.

Q2: in the above case, there is another safe way. It is "right-click" my program and select "Exit" menu option in the Shell_TrayWnd area, But I failed to capture my program's icon in Shell_TrayWnd area using "AutoIt Windows Info Program". I try to capture window's OutLook icon, it failed yet. I think I should capture the my program's icon info firstly, then I can try to operate it.

Hope someone can give some instruction here, why cannot capture info from Shell_TrayWnd area? If AutoIt does not support to capture info from this area, could I use another way to get the info from this Shell_TrayWnd area and trigger the menu option of my program?

Thanks in advance.


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