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help me with mouse manipulation

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Guest balefire

i want to find a program that will tell my computer that my right mouse button is being pressed repeatedly. It would also work if the program pressed the right mouse button down and kept it pressed for up to 10 minutes....then let it go and pressed it again. if anyone can tell me how to do this OR give me a related site to teach me how to do this on my own i would be very appreciative. THANKYOU!

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check these out in the Help file:

MouseClick - Perform a mouse click operation.

MouseClickDrag - Perform a mouse click and drag operation.

MouseDown - Perform a mouse down event at the current mouse position.

MouseGetCursor - Returns a cursor ID Number of the current Mouse Cursor.

MouseGetPos - Retrieves the current position of the mouse cursor.

MouseMove - Moves the mouse pointer.

MouseUp - Perform a mouse up event at the current mouse position.

MouseWheel - Moves the mouse wheel up or down. NT/2000/XP ONLY.

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