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An Ultimate Media Player

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I've managed to make quite a few media players before...

all of them supporting a library, some with skin support, some with play list support, and others with all kinds of neat functions.

Thats besides the point. I want this media player to be better used for others than myself, so in order to make it that way ill

have to know what you would like to see in a media player.

Throw some ideas at me...

I'm really looking froward to your opinions!

Idea List:

  • Accepts Basic Skins and Color Schemes
  • Saves all media to library file
  • Play list support
  • Play Count
  • Random Play
  • String In Str Search Routine for 10 different media properties
  • Indexing music, and comparing for similarities
  • Showing similar artists/bands,albums, and year
  • Fades between songs
  • Recursion File Search
  • using wmm.dll (not using any COM, just AutoIT function )

Do you have more ideas? Post Them, Please!


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no commercials-radio support: after setup the player will automatically recognize commercial or DJ chatting sounds, which results in switching to a radio station that is not currently broadcasting anything but music!

good luck :)

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I like your ideas, sounds kinda hard to tune out the DJ part, but i have 4 servers maybe i could host my own radio stations, all are dual core. Bought at auction and i know that i can get my ISP to help me for cheap. Something ill have to look into, so i can get the cobwebs off those servers! Thanks!


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