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How to do ControlListView in Visual Basic 2005

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I've been using ControlListView to get access to a ListView32 control. It is a part of a window. What I do is to first get a count of the number of list items (by using the GetItemCount command) and then get the text of each item (by using the GetText command). It has worked real well.

I now need to do the same thing, but using Visual Basic 2005 instead of AutoIt. I know this is like doing it the hard way, but there are other issues I couldn't get by with AutoIt. Does anyone know how to do this or get started? Many thanks in advance.

$iCount=ControlListView($tTitle, "", "SysListView321", "GetItemCount")

$iActive = 1

$iTmp = 0

While $iActive

$iCount=ControlListView($tTitle, "", "SysListView321", "GetItemCount")

For $iRow = $iTmp to $iCount

$iTime = ControlListView($tTitle, "", "SysListView321", "GetText", $iRow, 0)



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