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Help with While... Wend

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Okay, i have made a script that performs a lot of actions, the problem is...

1. When i execute the while... wend action of my script it will continue that and not perform the rest of the script at the same time, is there any way to combat this?

2. On another issue I was using a WinMenuSelectItem action earlier in my script but it was not working and i ended up using Send and the shortcut keys for File, Tools etc...

I would really appreciate any feedback you could provide and if its of any help, i need the while... wend to be active at the same time as im issuing mouse click commands. At the moment i am using 2 programs to solve this issue but i would much rather not, any help would be greatly appreciated

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while and wend are made so that they execute inside as long as the while is true.

If you want to preform some other action or check, use of a function is recomended.


While $x=1
;do some stuff

func test()
if winactive("my window","") then 
winclose("my window","")

on anouther note, WinMenuSelectItem works well with standard windows controls, but many programers use thier own custom controls and invalidate its use.

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