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Httpsetproxy settings ignored ?

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I have a script that visits a webpage then grabs a image and some text embedded in the html.

I do this using various methods, namely:

_INetGetSource, InetGet, _IECreate(), _IEDocReadHTML

I am behind a proxy and use Httpsetproxy, IE also has its proxy info set.

I have a function i am writing to enable configuration of the proxy.

During testing, i tried running my download script with the proxytype set to '0', and it still seems to work and download the picture, and text.

IF i disable the proxy in IE then the script no longer downloads anything, which is what i would expect as the script uses _IE functions to determine if the webpage exits.

My question is why is INetGet still working even if httpsetproxy(0).

What functions does httpsetproxy effect ??

My script seems to be getting all its settings from IE, even though i thought that inetget used the proxy from httpsetproxy. Are there environment vaiables or registry settings that inetget uses before checking with httpsetproxy ??

I have searched my script and cant find any other httpsetproxy that might be overriding the settings i have chosen.

Does the first _IECreate call auto set proxy settings for the rest of the script and ignores the httpsetproxy command??

Any ideas anyone.


Are there any commands to read/change the IE proxy settings from within autoit script.

Thanks for any help you can give.


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