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End taskbar app

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I have a simple script that launches an application, runs another application that interacts with the first, then after the secon application ends on its own, the script closes the first application. Here's the script:

; Run a listening VNC viewer
$listener = Run("C:\Program Files\TurboVNC\vncviewer.exe /listen")

; SSH to server, and run a script that starts a VNC server, and opens a connection back to this machine
$prism = RunWait(@ComSpec & " /c " & "plink -i id_rsa.ppk chris@sessionhost prism", "C:\Users\Chris\Documents\My Program Files\Putty")

; When the VNC session ends, the SSH session will also end.  But we need to shut down the listener manually.

Problem is, the VNC viewer puts an icon on the taskbar. Ending the VNC viewer via "ProcessClose" doesn't give the process a chance to clean up after itself. So each time I run my script, I end up with another orphan VNC icon in my taskbar. Very messy. How can I get rid of those icons? Is there a way to get handles to the taskbar icons and figure out which one I can delete? Or is there a way to activate and manipulate the menu for the taskbar app? (The VNC viewer has a "Close listening viewer" option on its taskbar menu, which causes a graceful exit...)

Any hints appreciated!

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There is an UDF in the examples forum called _RefreshSystemTray() that does this for you.


Thanks! I'll give that a try (if I can find it... ;) )

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