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Gambas: A language similar to autoit under linux

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Just stumbled over gambas. Seems to be quite cool and similar to autoit.

This project aims at making a graphical development environment based on a Basic interpreter, so that we have a language like Visual Basic™ under Linux™.

It should be quite easy to create simple gui-apps with it's own ide.

You even have the choice to use qt or gtk, so your favorite toolkit can be used. But you may also create commandline or cgi-tools (well, at least I can see it from the main menu ;) ). mysql-, firebird- and postgresql-database support, networking,OpenGL, ldap, odbc, video, smtp, pdf-components also exist.

There are a lot of examples integrated into the menu I mentioned before. The doc/help is based on a bunch of html-pages and can be compared to the one of autoit. Here is an example (please note that I did not copy the good looking layout, but it should give you a first impression):



COPY Source path TO Destination path

Copies a file from Source path to Destination path.

The destination path does not need to have the same name as the source path.

Note that you cannot copy directories recursively with this function.


' Save the gambas configuration file

COPY User.Home &/ ".config/gambas/gambas.conf" TO "/mnt/save/gambas.conf.save"


Message Description

File already exists (#38) The destination file already exists.

This instruction internally uses the functions OPEN, READ, WRITE and CLOSE. So it can raise any of their errors.

See also

File & Directory Functions OPEN READ WRITE CLOSE

Haven't played that much yet, but I could construct a simple hello world within a few minutes (seconds?). :)

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