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Take GUI on top

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If you need to be sure that only one GUI exists and if one already exists is shown to the user instead of recreating it from scratch, you may find that this small code snippet is useful.

It is not a complex matter, but the purpose is to keep code short and clean to understand.

; Description:      Put the window on top, if it exists
; Syntax:           _SwitchedOnTop($sTitle)
; Parameter(s):     $sTitle is the GUI title
; Requirement(s):   $sTitle
; Return Value(s):  On Success - True
;                   On Failure - False
; Author(s):        MCP, aka Aristotele.Skotos aka ...

Func _SwitchedOnTop($sTitle)
    Local $rc = False
    If WinExists($sTitle) Then
        $rc = True
    Return $rc
EndFunc   ;==>_SwitchedOnTopoÝ÷ Ù.(!¶ëv¬Û¶*')¶¬jëh×6Func DoCreateMyGUI()
    If _SwitchedOnTop("MyGUI") Then Return
    GUICreate("MyGUI", 250, 250, -1, -1)

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You might want to change this to "Window Activate" because to actually set the window on-top use

WinSetOnTop ( "title", "text", flag )

its a little different


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