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Times Tables wizz

... or not  

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  1. 1. good script or not?

    • I like it a lot
    • its good
    • Bad script make beter stuff
  2. 2. use it or not?

    • i would use this script
    • i would not use it
    • i would maybe use it at a laterdate
    • i would use it to help my kids learn the times tables

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This is a littie script that i have worked on when i had nothing to do :) i think it is use full to inprove your maths with.

theres 2 scripts the main script and a script to edit the littie ini with

updated with Piano_Man ideas


Edited by thenewkid

some of my scripts check them out and give feedback so i can learn from them :)autoclicker a autoclickernote taker a script to take notes with

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thanks any ideas on how to make it beter?

Few suggestions:
  • After you click next, unhighlight all combo boxes
  • Change "socre" to score"
  • Add a one second timer to the Msgbox()
  • Add $CBS_DROPDOWNLIST for the Combo boxes in the settings editor
  • I typed "EAasdf" as a difficulty and it screws up your game (do the above to solve that problem)
  • Instead of asking "Do you want to exit?" at the end I would ask "Do you want to save changes?"
I like what you have so far though!

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Ok, am I missing something or this actually doesn't work out of the box? It says I'm wrong in every attempt.

- Windows XP Pro SP2 (Media Center 2005)

- AutoIt v3.2.4.9

- I just run the .au3.

English isn't my native language, but when I see THE SUM OF 10*18 I assume it's ten times eighteen, so...



Well that's weird... so...





Lol :)

Alright, some ideas would be:

- Knowing what's preventing it from working (if it turns out to be the version, then implement a filter to avoid running in previous releases OR make the code more compatible)

- Instead of WinExists("Calculator"), ProcessExists("calc.exe") --> This would detect the calculator for localized Windows.

- I think the ideal would be click-and-answer mode. You click and it automatically shows if you were right or wrong. If you were wrong, displays right answer and, well, good luck next time.


EDIT: wrong version

Edited by footswitch

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It asked me what the sum of 4*1 is. I said 4. It said I was wrong.



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