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EZpcinfo - wraps psinfo by sysinternals

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Installs (and afterwrads deletes) .. and wraps psInfo.exe from http://www.sysinternals.com, to audit machines on a network for hardware details, software installed, and hotfixes applied:

  • Runs psInfo.exe for the machines listed in the INIfile's pclist parameter, which must be listed in the same format as generated by "net view". **TIP** run "net view" at the cmd prompt, and route output to a file which you can edit.
  • Outputs software/config/hotfix details to files pointed at in the INIFile's parameters. These files are TAB-delimitted, and keyed by machine name <-- Useful for processing with Excel Pivot tables :)
  • Au3 script source and sample INIFile included.
  • You will need to download psInfo.exe from Sysinternals and modify the lines in EZPCInfo.AU3 that run FileInstall , to refer to your own folders.
  • These files are offered asis, free of cost and support; and with no warrantees. Please feel free to modify and amend as you deem fit. Comments are also welcome.
Key Au3 functions employed:
  • FileClose, FileOpen, FileRead, FileGetSize, FileInstall, FileWrite, FileDelete
  • INIRead
  • ProgressOn, ProgressSet, ProgressOff
  • StringReplace, StringInstr, StringTrimRight, StringTrimLeft



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ok i've try it, very nice. Too bad there's no cancel button to abort it i guess i can add it.

Edited by Elkie

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