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Execute AutoIT EXE from Delphi (not a Delphi Problem!)

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Hello again

I have another Question / Problem with AutoIT.

I have wrote a little AutoIT Application who determines the active Network-Connection (LAN, Modem, ADSL) and return the result as "ConsoleWrite()" command. In the Company where i work, this EXE is used by an other Application wrote in Delphi. Now our Delphi Developer becomes some weird Message when he want to Debug his Delphi Application on the point, where the Autoit Exe will be executed

Printscreen of the Message:


The Delphi Programmer uses an "shellexecute" command. The Message comes only in the Debug-mode. Without Debugging activated, the compiled Delphi Program works fine.

I have read in some postes, that some guys using Autoit to make viruses. And when i interpret the Message right, it must be a message for Antivirus Researchers. So in this case, its not a antivirus software but an Delphi application in debugmode.

My question:

In which situation should come this Message?

Is it possible to deactivate it respectively change the behavior of the Autoit Program to get the normal output?

Thank you for your help

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I am right, that no one has posted an answer, cause you are thinking its not an autoit problem but rather a delphi problem?

The Message i become is generated by autoit and not delphi, so come on, has nobody an idea why i get this message from autoit?

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