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Floating Text (With Transparent Background)

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Yes, I know, another Transparent Background thing, the topics are everywhere! lolz.

So I am trying to display text in the middle of the screen. I am currently using a couple different methods, but nothing looks good. So I will begin by describing what I am doing, then what I am achieving.

I used lod3n's technique for a .PNG overlay (http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=47651)

Here is the PNG for reference: post-909-1191864656_thumb.png

Those labels are static, they will not change, however, you can see that i left room for statistics.

I want another .au3 to read from an ini, values into those spots, which is easy, but the labels themselves are the problem i am having.

I have tried using this method: http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=43180 - but it doesnt display the text well. It is choppy, it isnt actually size 11, like i used in the PNG, and it isnt readable!

Do I have any other options? What can be done to make this work?

The labels have to be able to be changed frequently and limitlessly...

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The DC isnt working.... Still is choppy and crappy looking... lolz

Drawing text on DC is a good method and it works good.

If it doesn't work for you, post the example how you are using it, so we can maybe fix it.

I just copied the main code and did some slight edits....

#include <GUIConstants.au3>

$font = "Tahoma"

$hwnd = GUICreate("Text Region",400,50,405,85,$WS_POPUP,BitOR($WS_EX_TOPMOST,$WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW))

$rgn = CreateTextRgn($hwnd,"100%",13,$font)



Func SetWindowRgn($h_win, $rgn)
    DllCall("user32.dll", "long", "SetWindowRgn", "hwnd", $h_win, "long", $rgn, "int", 1)

;Func CombineRgn(ByRef $rgn1, ByRef $rgn2)
;   DllCall("gdi32.dll", "long", "CombineRgn", "long", $rgn1, "long", $rgn1, "long", $rgn2, "int", 2)

Func CreateTextRgn(ByRef $CTR_hwnd,$CTR_Text,$CTR_height,$CTR_font="Microsoft Sans Serif",$CTR_weight=1000)
    Local Const $ANSI_CHARSET = 0
    Local Const $OUT_CHARACTER_PRECIS = 2
    Local Const $CLIP_DEFAULT_PRECIS = 0
    Local Const $PROOF_QUALITY = 2
    Local Const $FIXED_PITCH = 1
    Local Const $RGN_XOR = 3
    If $CTR_font = "" Then $CTR_font = "Microsoft Sans Serif"
    If $CTR_weight = -1 Then $CTR_weight = 1000
    Local $gdi_dll = DLLOpen("gdi32.dll")
    Local $CTR_hDC= DLLCall("user32.dll","int","GetDC","hwnd",$CTR_hwnd)
    Local $CTR_hMyFont = DLLCall($gdi_dll,"hwnd","CreateFont","int",$CTR_height,"int",0,"int",0,"int",0, _
                "int",$CTR_weight,"int",0,"int",0,"int",0,"int",$ANSI_CHARSET,"int",$OUT_CHARACTER_PRECIS, _
                "int",$CLIP_DEFAULT_PRECIS,"int",$PROOF_QUALITY,"int",$FIXED_PITCH,"str",$CTR_font )
    Local $CTR_hOldFont = DLLCall($gdi_dll,"hwnd","SelectObject","int",$CTR_hDC[0],"hwnd",$CTR_hMyFont[0])
    Local $CTR_hRgn1 = DLLCall($gdi_dll,"hwnd","PathToRegion","int",$CTR_hDC[0])
    Local $CTR_rc = DLLStructCreate("int;int;int;int")
    Local $CTR_hRgn2 = DLLCall($gdi_dll,"hwnd","CreateRectRgnIndirect","ptr",DllStructGetPtr($CTR_rc))
    Return $CTR_hRgn2[0]
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