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Read Access Database

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I am having trouble grasping some of the programming needed to open an Access Database and read recoreds from it.

I created a System DSN for my database so that SQL querys can be perfomred on the database. I can manuall query the database and get the recored and filelds I want to use.

What I am trying to do is present a list of the database records sorted buy Company Name and them present it in a list to the user. I will then let the user select a record fromthe list. What should I use a check box, pressing enter, what do you recommend? Based on the users selection I will set variables for specific fields and pass them to my program.

These was some code I got from the site that did not work due to a bad variable. I was unable to resolve the problem, after many hours of trying, and gave up.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated. I tried all weekend to get this working but do not have enough skills yet to get it accomplished.


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Create Retrieve info button

Run query

Loop through records

Add ListViewItem for each record

End Loop

GuiCtrlRead Listview to get listview position

Read from array element position of previous statement

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