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Want to decompile an outdated freeware program, who's author has disappeared

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I know this is a hot topic -- so if the answer is no, I understand.

I have an .exe I want decompiled. It would have been compiled a while back -- like in may.

It is not my own script. It is someone else's BUT:

#1 He abandoned the program, because it was too buggy for to many people, and he was going to make a web based replacement. (Which he started)

http://img166.imageshack.us/img166/7397/65115916hs3.jpg *

#2 His last post on the glider forum (was just a week or 2 after annoucing this:

http://img181.imageshack.us/img181/4733/38182806hy0.jpg *

#3 His last activity on the glider forum at all was over 2 months ago.

http://img166.imageshack.us/img166/233/69382126jo3.jpg *

#4 This program is "freeware" and can be downloaded at

And not that this truly makes any difference I'm sure -- I'm not even trying to take over the project, and wouldn't be releasing anything "publicly"** -- I just want to decompile it, so I can see how things were done, etc, because I learn best from example.

I'll say up front, I don't really know the exact etiquette for this kinda stuff. I mean - I know its not cool to take someones source - even if its freeware, and publish it, or a modified it, under your own name, etc. --

But (to me atleast) - it doesn't seem rude to just look at the source of an outdated program, that doesnt work, who's author has disappeared, just to learn a bit about autoit.

Anyway - like I said -- I know this is a hot subject - so if the answer is no, that's cool -- but i figured it couldn't hurt to ask, so here goes:

Would anyone be nice enough to decompile this and PM the source to me?

*If you happen to be a glider user, you can log in and view the actual thread for Gpro here http://vforums.mmoglider.com/showthread.php?t=61769 and verify my screenshots

**I know there is no reason for anyone to believe me -- but if anyone happens to use glider at all -- they can probably vouch for the fact there are a bunch of other free (currently updated) tools, to do the same stuff. So I couldn't really be trying to jack the source, fix it up, and sell the program, because #1 it would have to be way better than the free ones if anyone was going to buy it #2 if I had the ability to make it better than what is out there then I wouldn't really need to decompile this to look at it to learn. --- So I know that is still pretty much nothing -- but just trying to make a point that I am not trying to do this for any personal gain - (except of course the "personal gain" I get by learning more about autoit, by looking at the source of this.)

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No, no one will decompile it for you, the author would have released the source if he/she wanted to.

I can accept a no -- but - I feel under the circumstances; to say "the author would have released the source if he/she wanted to" is WAY over-generalizing.

This author posted virtually every day in this forum. Then abandoned this project and was working on a web app -- and then shortly after suddenly disappeared, without warning.

Just because an author didn't think to release the source before they disappeared does not mean they specifically didn't want it released.

It's not like they said goodbye -- so it seems something beyond their control is the cause of their disappearance. -- So perhaps if this thing out of their control didn't happen, they would have posted the source by now -- or perhaps he wasn't going to post it unless someone asked, and noone did while he was still around.

The software does not work (hasn't worked since before he disappeared) -- he has specifically stated he abandoned it (and it was a free program) -- Then he disappeared randomly while working on another project. I personally don't see what is ethically wrong with peeking at his source -- for the purpose of teaching myself a thing or two about autoit. If someone could explain to me what is so "black and white" ethically wrong with that -- please do, because it evades me.

If, in fact, no one will decompile it for me then I will try myself, unless someone can explain to me what is ethically wrong specifically with what I want to do. (I already know what is ethically wrong, with most cases of people wanting to decompile programs not written by them -- but not my case)

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Just because something is freeware doesn't mean that you have the right to its source.

Your best bet is to contact the creator, if you get no response, then you have your answer.

Before this topic even starts to get out of hand, I'm locking it and will ask you to not post in this forum on such things in the future.

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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