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Script Pauses

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I'm relatively new to AutoIt and have found it great so far. However, I have an issue that I cannot resolve. I have a script that I've written to process files across a number of directories utilising a commercial GUI based tool. Essentially, I've used AutoIt to open the tool, select the relevant directory, process the files then repeat the process on the next directory. The script handles a number of potential errors and it works like a dream when it's being watched!

However, when the screen is not being displayed, the script pauses. For example, if the screen saver cut in, the script would stop. This was fairly easy to resolve but I am running the script from a Remote Desktop session. If the Remote Desktop session is minimized or closed the script pauses until the session is maximized or restarted. I've tried running the script directly on the server but I am not able to leave the keyboard and monitor out so have the same problem; as soon as the monitor is 'put away' the process stops.

If anyone knows of a way of keeping the script running I'd love to hear from them.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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