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Diablo II (game) String reading?

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Ok, so I got this idea a few weeks ago, and i've been trying everything to get the control id's of Diablo II.

Well, I have found nothing..

I've seen it done in a script a long time ago btu i can't seem to find that script anywhere.... so i'm wondering if anyone knows anything about diablo ii and how i might go about reading strings sent by other users on Battle.net.


BackStabbed: Hey.

*AutoItScript reads Hey and replies*: Hi.

I figured packets are sent to do this now.... But i went over to edgeofnowhere and i'm completly lost as to how the packets are formatted...

So like 0xblahhhhh is where i get lost... anyone know the packet to read a sent text and know how to read it so you can reconvert the hex to ascii?

I can convert hex but i need to know the hex string first which is what i can't figure out... (where can I find it?)'

-thanks for reading!

tolle indicium

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You're asking about a "hook", or a program to sit on a separate memory layer in between the client and server sniffing each packet before it's sent and/or received. I seriously doubt that AutoIt can provide what you're asking for and what you're asking for can most likely be detected.

I wish you luck, but the answer is not here.

Lofting the cyberwinds on teknoleather wings, I am...The Blue Drache

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