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Combining graphics - command line

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Hey all.

A while back I posted wondering whether there was a way to combine two graphics using AutoIt. Mostly my reasons for this were humorous...changing the desktop background on login but it can do much more. Anyway, I don't think there were specific commands in AutoIt to for this and interfacing with windows graphic commands made my brain hurt. I looked on the internet also but was mostly unsuccessful...for a command line tool anyway.

However, I looked again today on the internet for a command line tool that allows graphics to be combined and I found something that looked very cool. It does way more than just combine two graphics together...and it can work as a command line. This would make it very usable with AutoIt. It also has some ready made interfaces for it too...double cool...here is that list. [Ada C Ch COM+ C++ Java LabVIEW Lisp Neko .NET Pascal Perl PHP Python Ruby Tcl/TK]

I haven't tried it out yet but am looking forward to some happy testing.

Anyway, the software is called ImageMagick and it has been on Sourceforge but has its own link now.

Here it is ImageMagick

Good luck and happy combining/editing/altering/whatever.

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Mmmm..... Yummy yummy....


It's under a GPL-compatible open source license, and both binaries and source can be downloaded for free. I don't think SPAM really applies. If the Windows version exposes a COM provider or something cool like that to AutoIt (I don't know if it does), then it might be very relevant on this forum and a candidate for some nice UDFs.


P.S. This, for example, is kind of interesting:

Introduction to the ImageMagick COM+ Object

The ImageMagickObject is a COM+ compatible component that can be invoked from any language capable of using COM objects. The intended use is for Windows Scripting Host VBS scripts and Visual Basic, but it is also available from to C++, ASP, and other languages like Delphi, Perl and PHP.

The ImageMagick COM+ component provides access to the compare, convert, composite, mogrify, identify, montage, and stream tools, efficiently executing them as part of your process, rather than as external programs. The way you use it is exactly the same. You pass it a list of strings including filenames and various options and it does the job. In fact, you can take any existing batch scripts that use the command line tools and translate them into the equivalent calls to the COM+ object in a matter of minutes. Beyond that, there is also a way to pass in and retrieve images in memory in the form of standard smart arrays (byte arrays). Samples are provided, to show both the simple and more elaborate forms of access.

Edited by PsaltyDS

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If this thing works as advertised, you've just made me a very happy (and impressed) man!

Thanks for the link! :)

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