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GUI exe launcher

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This is my first post so sorry if it's really simple. I was recently introduced to AutoIT by a co-worker and I'm using it for fairly basic stuff right now; mainly just scripting application installs. What I'd like a little help on is getting started with using a GUI to launch all the application install scripts. I did a search on the forum but after a little bit of looking I wasn't able to find what I was looking for. So basically I'd like to do this:

Just click on a AutoIT created GUI (e.g. AppInstaller.exe or something) and it shows me a few clickable buttons. Button one might say Project 2003, button two maybe Visio 2003, etc. Once I click a button, it will launch the .exe file I've compiled from my .au3 scripts and install the application corresponding to the button I clicked. Once that's done I can click the next button, etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Once I get the hang of things I'd like to create a checkbox GUI which does the same thing but will do the installs back to back (without the need for manually pressing the buttons individually).

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Welcome to AutoIt :-)

Look into AutoIt helpfile at these functions:

FileInstall, GUICreate, GUICtrlCreateButton, GUICtrlCreateCheckBox

There are nice examples for each function in the helpfile.

For creating AutoIt GUI there is great utility Koda - it's part of Scite4AutoIt3 package

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