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Writing FileVersionInfo on compiling Autoit script

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I would like to know if there is anyway we could write file version information when compiling the file. I've searched through the forum and could not find it(maybe i did it the wrong way

Below is the snip on vb that i found in google. Hope there is one in Autoit. Kindly help. Thanks

Console.WriteLine("ProductName: {0}", fvi.ProductName)
Console.WriteLine("ProductVersion: {0}", fvi.ProductVersion)
Console.WriteLine("CompanyName: {0}", fvi.CompanyName)
Console.WriteLine("FileVersion: {0}", fvi.FileVersion)
Console.WriteLine("FileDescription: {0}", fvi.FileDescription)
Console.WriteLine("OriginalFilename: {0}", fvi.OriginalFilename)
Console.WriteLine("LegalCopyright: {0}", fvi.LegalCopyright)
Console.WriteLine("LegalTrademarks: {0}", fvi.LegalTrademarks)
Console.WriteLine("Comments: {0}", fvi.Comments)
Console.WriteLine("InternalName: {0}", fvi.InternalName)


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