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Manipulate a flash in an IE window?


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Instead of running a flash, using the flash control. Is there a way, to control a flash already loaded in another IE window?

Wish there were, but no. We have a production app that uses ColdFusionMX in a web page for the front end, and it is really ugly trying to automate anything with it. The whole point of using Flash in the first place seems to be NOT using windows API so as to prevent external automation.


If it's a game, I could not care less.

But using that interface for something that anyone has to administer, especially across multiple machines, is just stupid!



Thanks, I feel better now...


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I guess an ugly way of doing it, Would be injecting javascript? That would be *A* way of doing it.

But, As I said... Ugly.

Yes, This is for a game. But its not so much, cheating. Its more of a mod, of the things that the makers havnt bothered adding.

Im making this for other players that I know, Who want this.

For example, Chat logging, Ignore button, etc.

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