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Notepad Next Generation

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I'm quite busy at the moment.

Here's what I've done since the last release:


   - changed: "Go to bookmark" now goes to the very next bookmark

   - added: ability to resize the window

   - added: recent files

   - added: Save window positions

   - added: Hotkey dialog (internal)

   - added: settings dialog

   - added: Always on top Alt+T

   - changed: the adjustment of the controls to the window (after resizing)

   - fixed: when some childs windows are shown, the hotkeys weren't disabled so the DELETE and ENTER keys didn't work

   - fixed: resizing didn't work. Window couldn't get smaller

   - fixed: Recent files; When you open the first file in the list, it adds the file again to the list

   - fixed: Replace All always replaced with case sense off

   - changed: Tab indent and unindent; they now use StringRepeat

   - fixed: saving search queries

   - fixed: shutting down NotepadNG when it's not focused was impossible

   - changed: Find and Replace dialogs; when the dialogs have focus, you can press enter to search for the keyword you specify

   - added: open template; you can open a file and use it as a new file. when you press Ctrl+S or select "Save" you can specify a new filename

   - changed: the limit of the edit box. I opened the script using the program and noticed that a part of script was cut off. I increased the limit from 64kB to 150 kB (approx. 4000 lines).

   - added: Tabs

I'll try to release this version soon after I do some tests


BTW I'm also making a Tools menu like Crimson Editor and ScIte have.

I'm not sure if I'll finish it for the next release.

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