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Counting occurances of a substring in a string

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Ok, I found a way to store data in my newegg computer builder, however I need a way to find how many times a substring is found is string in order to find out how many items are in each group. I tried making my own function for it, but it doesn't seem to work (always returns 1)


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$text = StringReplace("this is a line of text", " ", "-")
$numreplacements = @extended
MsgBox(0, "New string is", $text)
MsgBox(0, "The number of replacements done was", $numreplacements)

@Extended is your answer, you do not need to "change or replace" the actual info


Oh, thanks. I thought there was probably something already built-in, and I thought I remembered seeing it before, but I couldn't find it after a few minutes of searching in the help so I posted here. Thanks again.

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