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reconnecting to the internet

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This will disconnect, but there is no way to ensure getting a new IP address. DHCP pulls the IP addresses from a pool and if the one you had before you disconnected isn't taken then it is likely you will get the same one again.

A way to release your current IP and get a new one (not necisarily not the same one) is to use ipconfig in winxp/2k. This will make it so you don't have to include the 3rd party application.

*** Matt @ MPCS

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Yes, ipconfig can release your current ip and get a new one. Read the command line parameters to figure out how. I think there is also a script in the Scripts and Scraps section that shows this used in a script, do a search if you need help with it.

*** Matt @ MPCS

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i now saw the ipconfig /renew but i dont know where to see the adapter name as if i dont put any i get an error


ipconfig /all will show all current nic names and ip addresses...

edit: but i am not sure if an Ipconfig command will renew the IPaddress on a RAS connection

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Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, it issues your computer internet configuration information so it can connect to the network.

Issue a ipconfig /all from the command line and under the adapter you are working with look for a line that looks like:

Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes

If it says no instead of yes then you dont have dchp enabled. If you don't knowwhere to look just copy and paste your /all in here and I will read through it for you (you can bleep out any PC specific information).

*** Matt @ MPCS

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