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QT and QWidgets

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Has anyone had any sort of success working with programs created with QT? Specifically, i am trying to get the status of an embedded control (A QWidget) while a window is minimized. The current method has to activate the window to do a psuedo-pixelsearch (not sure why normal pixelsearch does not work) and determine status by color. The code snipped can be seen below:

$_xpos = $_Ref[0] + 733

$_ypos = $_Ref[1] + 78 + (($site-1) * 35)

$_grey = PixelGetColor($_xpos, $_Ref[1]+70)

For $i = 0 to 20

$color = PixelGetColor($_xpos+$i, $_ypos+$i)

If $color <> $_grey Then ExitLoop ; if $color <> grey, it must be red, green or yellow


If $color = $_grey Then SetError(1)

If not @error Then

Switch $color

Case 0xFF0000

$Result = "disconnected"

$_disconn += 1

Case 0x00FF00

$Result = "executing"

$_conn += 1

Case 0xFFFF00

$Result = "ready"

$_ready += 1



$Result = 0


I am trying to get the status while the window is minimized, but cannot. Anyone?

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