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Reading in and saving databases with SQLite

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I've been trying to write my own array filtering scheme and decided that I might as well trash that idea as that stuff got way complex way fast.

Now that I am looking at SQLite, I have 2 questions: 1) writing to a file and then 2) reading it back in

As it looks now, I'm guessing that I have to construct the database structure every time I read in my data and then parse the whole thing when I want to write it to a file.

I've tried:

_SQLite_Open ("data.txt")

from one of the examples where it creates a table with data in it. After the script ends, the data.txt file is there but it's empty.

Is there a special command I need to run in order for the data to get saved?


EDIT: NVRMND....TEMP TABLE...took out TEMP and the data go saved. :-P

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