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Help reading a login and password test file

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I am trying to create a text file that contains login name and password. I want to then read the file and display the login name and password in a message box. Here is the code I have come up with. It creates the file just fine, when you open the text file the login and password data is there, But it won't display that data in a message box.

Any ideas on what I am missing??

$file=FileOpen("G:\Audit scripts\Bot tests\With login option\Eve Login Info.txt",2)

$login=InputBox("Eve Online","Enter Login Name","")

$passwd = InputBox("Eve Online", "Enter your password.", "", "*")

FileWrite($file,$login & @CRLF & $passwd)





MsgBox(0,"Eve Login",$lgin,200)

MsgBox(0,"Eve Password",$pswrd,200)

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lol better hope no one looks through your files lol, your login and password are right there. xD

Next step = encryption. :)

#include <String.au3>
_SctringEncrypt(1, "Eve Password", "encrypt password", 4)

;1 to encrypt teh string, 0 to decrypt. 4 is encrypt lvl, 4 is good. ;)

Yeh yeh yeh, that way the only time you see the actual user name / password is in the program if you had a msgbox, or the script itself typing for you. ^^

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If the file is the username, followed by @CRLF and password, then you might be able to retrieve the two variables by doing something along these lines:

$filetext = FileRead("Eve Login Info.txt")

$fileuserpass = StringSplit($filetext, @CRLF)

$fileuserpass[1] = the username,

$fileuserpass[2] = the password.

You could go on from there. But INIWrite is worth learning too, especially if you want to have a professionally designed configuration file in the future. (I used a simple set of numbers for older versions of my programs too, but an INI-style file makes the clever end-user feel warm and fuzzy on the inside should they stumble upon it.)

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So, How does you use the ini write/read work? I have not used that before. If I want to use it in a compiled script on any computer how would that work?

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