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DDB Media Player 1.0 > Links Fixed <> Zip File Fixed <>

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^^And they say a picture is worth a thousand words^^


Media Player


Created By: Dustin Back

And the help of AutoIT forum members

Cd-Key Algorithm: Ron Davis

Sinks: Dustin Back

Alpha .1


Designed For: Windows Vista, XP, and 2000 Professional Designed With: AutoIt v3 and Koda FD

Koda FD Version Beta


AutoIT Version


Donate to AutoIT


As Always Source included! Have fun test it out!

Lots of bugs I know playlist creation works when it wants, gui flashes a lot

But it was my third autoIT project, and it was over a year ago

Hope someone can use it, the only functions i dont want you to use in your scripts are func Check and func cekey because i didn't write them to I don't permission to allow redistribution....

You wont actually have to put a cd-key in I made the media player skip checking it

Who ever made ModernMenu.au3 and getextprop.au3, thanks owe you lots of credit

Tell me what you think

You have to run from SCITE to use it other wise you'll get an error, i dont know why...


Download Here:


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