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dll callling non system dlls

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Ok, so I made a DLL with VS2005 that has a function built in that returns an integer when called.

$dll = DllOpen("Test1.dll")

$result = DllCall("Test1.dll", "int", "testfunc")

MsgBox(1, "Test1", $result)


But this returns a 0 insted of an integer I assigned... and then gives me a fatal error.

AVector: []: Out of bounds.

Am I not doing something I'm supposed to?

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obviously <_<

in your message box, check the status of @error do determine what's kicking your butt.

are you _sure_ your dll is doing what you say it is?

I'll see what I can do...

So my syntax is correct...?

I don't have to register this dll within autoit in any other way for it to work?

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