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AutoIt v3 Beta [v3.0.90]

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Pleeeeease let this one fix the bugs of the last two releases...


3.0.90 (20th Jan, 2004)

Fixed: Serious nested IF bug

Changed: (Internal) Rollback of variabletable.cpp and stacks/vectors

3.0.89 (19th Jan, 2004)

Added: Method for standard library functions and includes

Added: #include < > support (must be fully installed to work)

Added: #include-once directive (put at the top of a file to make sure it is only

included once)

Added: @UserName and @TempDir macros

Fixed: Nasty fatal bug in 3.0.88

3.0.88 (18th Jan, 2004)

Added: ElseIf

Changed: All block structures (IF/WHILE/FOR, etc.) are now checked before execution.

Fixed: Some single hotkeys not working

Fixed: Better detection of illegal nesting, e.g.:

if 1 = 1

while 1



Changed: (Internal) lots of error checking code removed as a nice side effect of

initial block structure checking

Changed: (Internal) windows string functions (lstrcmp etc) moved back to C versions

due to massive performance penalty

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