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App.Path (obtain application's path)

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Hello AutoIt's User

I'm a newbie with AutoIt. I just want to ask you one question.

Is it possible to obtain path of the file (exe) create with autoIt after compilation?

As the App.Path with Visual Basic.

Because in my script, i'm obliged to now the path of the script:

$requete = IniRead ( "C:\Automation\Stats_Auto_Hebdo\Stats_Auto_Hebdo.ini", "RequeteAll", "Requete", "Erreur" )

and i want something like this (app.path is vb style):

$requete = IniRead ( app.path & \Stats_Auto_Hebdo.ini", "RequeteARS", "Requete", "Erreur" )

Big thanks :)

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AutoIt has an number of Macros that are special read-only variables used by AutoIt.  Macros start with the @ character instead of the usual $ so are easy to tell apart.  As with normal variables you can use macros in expressions but you cannot assign a value to them.

..do you have a bad pirate copy of the AutoIt-manual ? :)

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