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TV Episode Renamer

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if you want a tool to rename episodes, PM me

PLEASE DELETE THIS THREAD, can't be screwed.


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Useful for all those Prison.Break.S01.E11.XOR.XviD.avi/PrisonBreak0112.DIVX.avi etc.? <_<

But I have some suggestions for you (trying constructive criticism here, hopefully you won't feel personally attacked which is not my intent!):

1) Post example scripts in the forum section titled "Example Scripts". It it meant for this kind of thing. This section is for "General Help and Support".

2) Feel free to post whatever example you wish ofcourse (barring malware and the likes :)) but it might not be the best idea ever to post an example script that is unfinished and can really easily screw up the things it was meant to improve (as you said yourself). Suggestion: make a backup yourselves, or just do the rename in some array and present it to the user asking for confirmation before actually applying it. In general, improve it some more before offering it for general usage.

3) If you can't get your script to function adequately, it is in my honest opinion more useful to first post about your problems with perfecting it, so you can get help there. When you're done perfecting it, it would look a whole lot better and also make a better impression because you could actually be proud of your product :P

4) Since you are saying it is easy to screw stuff up with it, I am sure not going to test it before you improve... I believe I wouldn't be the only one in that opinion... :)

Roses are FF0000, violets are 0000FF... All my base are belong to you.

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np, np and np.

I klduged this together, so it's up for others to do with as they wish, use it, ignore it, re-create it - not my finest coding example for sure, fill a need late one night for me and a few mates.

worse case is that your episodes will get renamed to the wrong name, won't delete, won't do anything else to them.

anyway, wasn't sure if it was for example scripts or not. again, make of it what you may and ask any questions, will answer them.

Mods, please move to example scripts. thanks

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