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A3Lib on x64 system

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Hi everyone,

First of all, I'm french so please forgive me if my english is not perfect. <_<

I work with AutoIT since several months on x86 and x64 systems under Vista and Win PE environment. I'm opening this topic because I've got a big problem under Win PE on x64 systems with A3Lib libraries. I've created a script to simulate the use of a software under Win PE. My problem appeared when I try to find and click an item in a listview. I use _ListView_FindInText and _ListView_ClickItem functions to localize and click on an item. These functions don't cause any error on x86 system (Vista & Win PE) or under Vista on x64 system but can't be called under Win PE.

I've got always the same error:

Error: Subscript used with non-array variable.

After several hours of investigation, I discovered thet this error was caused by several functions used in the libraries:

- _ListView_GetItemCount

- _ListView_GetColumnCount

- _Lib_InProcess

- _MemCtrlInit

- _MemCtrlWrite

- _MemCtrlRead

- ...

So, I know that the problem is not in my code but if anybody has an alternative solution, I would be very grateful...

Thanks in advance...

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Up! :P

Nobody has an idea?

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