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Autoit exe package and environment variable

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I have created an kix script that is to start a "autoit".exe package from a file server and the command that I am having issues with is

Run ("%packages%\amagent\amonitor37_lu.exe").

The environment variable is recognized by the pc. I am using scriptlogic to call the Autoit exe. This is the line it keeps erroring out on. the error code I get is first error2 then an error -10. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Expanding environment variables in autoit v.3 is an option. Look at autoitsetoption for an explanation.


Thanks for the update and I will look at that option. I found that I was missing a step My line should have been this

$packages = EnvGet ("packages")

Run($packages & "path to file")

Too many languages to work with sometimes you try to use one in the wrong format. But it is fun to try and combine Kix, Autoit, WSH, VB, .Net Makes my work interesting.

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