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using DLLopen

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Hello All, it's been a while...

I am redoing some scripts that were built under an earlier beta version that did not require a specific call to DLLopen. More specifically, using ftp.au3 library using DLLCall to wininet.dll.

There is a function to open the ftp server as such:


Func _OpenFtp()

GUICtrlSetData($Edit1, "Logging in to FTP Server" & @crlf, 1)

$ftpSes = _FTPOpen("Connection")

$intCon = _FTPConnect($ftpSes, $ftpServer, $ftpUser, $ftpPass, $INTERNET_DEFAULT_FTP_PORT, $ConnectType)



Along with one to close it, transfer files, etc. The program performs image manipulations and then uploads them to the ftp server, so there are other functions that are called before the ftp open or transfer functions.

My question is this-- am I better off calling DLLOpen to wininet.dll once at the beginning of the script and then DLLClose on exit, or should I call it before the openFtp function each time and close it in the CloseFtp function?

Appreciate any guidance,


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