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Rapidshare links checker

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Hi! i´m interested to know how a program can "read" a web page.

Any method to check a rapidshare (or megaupload) link? How to know if it is online or broken?

Normally the web shows a message when the link is broken, Can i make something with autoit to "read" this message automatly?

Sorry for my bad english

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Find yourself the following 2 things:

A working RS.com link

A broken RS.com link

AutoIT should be able to do this:

Input box where user pastes links

loop (For Next or Do While?) Through those links, and use INetGetSource() To get the source of the page which is returned by them

Search the Source of the page for the key sentence which lets you know the file does not exist.

However, RS.com does throw a popup when the file is no longer available, not sure if that will affect inetgetsource at all.

Shouldn't be too hard. And is actually a reasonably basic program to start off with.

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