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Hello everyone, yes I know what your thinking " Oh great another noobie, with 1 post wanting us to do this shit for him". Well your exactly right! My father has had lots of programming experience, and has taught himself everything he knows all by himself, sadly dad is gone almost all the time due to working conditions. He is still in the beggining process of teaching me his knowledge. Anyways, I like to download, Rapid share <_<, Its something I do ALOT. For those of you who use rapidshare or sites that link to rapid share, like for example: www.warez-bb.org, then you will know what problem I'm facing and confronting you about today.

Heres my problem, Copying and Pasting over 40 links for games, some movies, etc... I hate doing it, So I call out to you fellow autoitscript associates, I need help to copy one link, open a tab in firefox, paste link in the tab, wait up to 15 seconds then press enter, and copy the next link back in the original tab and paste in the second tab, etc......

Helps appreciated, maybe you already have programmed such a design, If so posting the script will be of great help,

Thanks much!,


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When I was a teenager, my father was very heavy into motorcycles and racing (he has many trophy's). Well I wasn't into motorcycles that much, I liked to ride now and then but I much preferred cars - the faster the better. So I embarked on a journey that has taught me some very good lessons. I bought 2 books, 1 on how to rebuild an engine and another on how to make it high performance.

It took me a few weeks, maybe even a month but I found or purchased all the parts I needed. I found a machine shop to do the work I wasn't able to do and started putting my very first engine together. My father and brother weren't any help at all, neither of them had any interest in working on cars. Neither did either of them offer to help or get in the way for that matter. I was on my own for this one.

I read and tried and read and tried something else until I understood what I was doing. It took me a month of Sundays after school and at night after dinner to get that engine built and installed, remember, I wasn't getting any help from anyone, just the 2 books.

Finally it was done, new headers, new Holley 750 dual line, 3 angle valve job ... the list goes on and on. Well the day came I get to fire her up, and boy did the folks get pissed .. I fired it up at 10:00 at night and if you know what a V8 sounds like with open headers you know it woke up the neighborhood. I was so thrilled I risked getting my ass beat until I was 26. I revved that car for more than 20 minutes and life was good ... life was perfect.

The moral of the story is don't short change yourself, the thrill of victory is an awesome feeling. Your dad taught himself, I taught myself and you should at the very least attempt the same. I'm also a self taught network administrator (over 20 years now) and learning something on your own my be harder than having someone teach you or doing it yourself, but you'll appreciate the outcome much much more.

Good luck...

Agreement is not necessary - thinking for one's self is!



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