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Random Normal Number generator

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To generate numbers on a bell curve, call this function with the mean and the standard deviation of the desired output. (This code was found elsewhere and adapted for AutoIt - use it if you find an application!)

Func randNorm($mean, $stddev)

    While ($w >= 1.0)
        $x1 = 2.0 * Random() - 1.0
        $x2 = 2.0 * Random() - 1.0
        $w = $x1 * $x1 + $x2 * $x2

    $w = Sqrt((-2.0 * Log($w)) / $w)
    $y1 = $x1 * $w
    $y2 = $x2 * $w
    Return $y1 * $stddev + $mean

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