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RunasSet on a mapped drive

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I want to run a custom application on a mapped Q drive with special user credentials.

The current user already has a Q drive mapped to the proper share.

So I have:

RunAsSet('umapfm', 'umadomain','$3221fby')

If DirGetSize("Q:\PFM") == - 1 Then



Run(@COMSPEC & ' /c ' & "Q:\PFM\PFMEdtior.exe")


This script is actually stored in Q:\PFM so I've also tried.

Run(@COMSPEC & ' /c ' & @Scriptdir & "\PFMEdtior.exe")

I receive an "Unable to execute the external program. The directory name is invalid" error.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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Since you are doing a RunAsSet the special user does not have the Q: mapped so that is the reason for the error. The way to think of it is Windows is logging that user in and since it is a different user it does not have it mapped. So, you either need to map the Q: under the other user (using run with net commands after the RunAsSet) or using the option of 0 in the RunAsSet might work.


RunAsSet('umapfm', 'umadomain','$3221fby', 0)

Not sure if this will work as not able to test it.

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