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Array like variables possible?

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I have this routine:

If $tablename[1] = "" Then
    GUICtrlSetState($chk_tbl1, $GUI_DISABLE)
    GUICtrlSetState($chk_tbl1, $GUI_ENABLE)

However, I need to repeat this routine 16 times for table 1 to table 16, so is there a way to tidy up the code instead of copy/pasting the code above?

Something like (which doesnt work, but to give an example):

For $a = 1 to 16
        If $tablename[$a] = "" Then
            GUICtrlSetState($chk_tbl&$a, $GUI_DISABLE)
            GUICtrlSetState($chk_tbl&$a, $GUI_ENABLE)


Ok...I am stupid.

I just figured out it's actually possible to use arrays with guicommands


Dim $chk_tbl[3]

$chk_tbl[1] = GuiCtrlCreateCheckBox(" ", etc...

$chk_tbl[2] = GuiCtrlCreateCheckBox(" ", etc...

Didn't know this, but now I do!

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Can't you just store the handle of the control in the same array and make it multi dimensional?


Dim $tablename[17][2]
$tablename[0][0] = 16;Total number of controls.
$tablename[1][0] = GUICtrlCreate....;First handle goes here.
$tablename[1][1] = "....";First string value goes here.
$tablename[$n][0] =;$nth handle goes here.
$tablename[$n][1] =;$nth string value goes here.
;Repeat it for all your controls.

For $a = 1 to $tablename[0][0]
     If $tablename[$a][1] = "" Then
          GUICtrlSetState($tablename[$a][0] $GUI_DISABLE)
          GUICtrlSetState($tablename[$a][0], $GUI_ENABLE)

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