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Launching Multiple Apps without Closing

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Autoit newb here! I am trying to launch 2 different apps, in any order, without Autoit closing after script launch. I have 2 different vbscripts I am launching. One compiles a .WSI, and the other installs the MSI. I can launch either one successfully, but the GUI closes. I want to click either the BUILD or RUN button and run the respective script, but have the GUI still open.

I modified the app launcher script available on this site with the following:

Func APP_1(); Build and/or Install MSI

If $msg = $BUILD Then

RunWait("wscript.exe c:\compile.vbs", "")



If $msg = $RUN Then

RunWait("wscript.exe c:\install-MSI.vbs", "")




Any ideas?


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I'm lost. If you are using an AutoIT GUI, where are all your GUI commands? If you're using the default GUI mode, you will need everything to be in a loop..or it is only going to check the conditions once and quit.

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