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Timer macro

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I have not been able to figure out what is going wrong with this function for keeping track of the time in my macro. All of it works except for the average time. Here is the scripts, if anyone can see an issue I would greatly appriciate the help.

Func _TimeToString($timestamp)

Local $_time, $_h, $_m, $_s, $_message

$_time = Round($timestamp / 1000, 0)

$_h = Int($_time / 3600)

$_m = Int(($_time - $_h * 3600) / 60)

$_s = $_time - $_h * 3600 - $_m * 60

If ($_h > 0) Then

$_message = StringFormat("%02d:%02d:%02d", $_h, $_m, $_s)

ElseIf ($_m > 0) Then

$_message = StringFormat("%02d:%02d", $_m, $_s)

ElseIf ($_s > 0) Then

$_message = StringFormat("%02d", $_s)


$_message = ""


Return $_message


Func DoTimer()

Local $iTotalTime = 0, $iAvrageTime = 0

Local $sTotalTime = 0, $sAvrageTime = 0

Local $_Message = "", $_Pattern = ""

If ($BotTimer > 0) Then

$iTotalTime = TimerDiff($BotTimer)

$sTotalTime = _TimeToString($iTotalTime)


If (GetStatus() = 1) Then

$iAvrageTime = ($iTotalTime / $BotCycles)

$sAvrageTime = _TimeToString($iAvrageTime)


$_Pattern = "Total Time: %s" & @CRLF & "Cycle: %d" & @CRLF & "Avrage Cycle Time: %s"

$_Message = StringFormat($_Pattern, $sTotalTime, $BotCycles, $sAvrageTime)

GUICtrlSetData($EveGUI_TimerLine, $_Message)


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