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Ok, I'm totally stumped on this one and I need some help. I'm trying to make a script that will help me carry cookies from pc to pc as I travel but I am having troubles with firefox. The code I have below is crappy but it almost gets the job done.

$s_Firefox = 'HKLM\SOFTWARE\Mozilla\Mozilla Firefox' 
$s_FirefoxVersion = RegEnumKey($s_FireFox, 1)
If @error Then
    $fff = 1
    $fff = 2
        If $fff = 2 Then    
    $FileList=_FileListToArray(@AppDataDir & "\Mozilla\FireFox\Profiles")
    $cookies = @AppDataDir & "\Mozilla\FireFox\Profiles\" & $FileList[1] & "\cookies.txt"

When I tested this on a computer without firefox it still reads this line:

$cookies = @AppDataDir & "\Mozilla\FireFox\Profiles\" & $FileList[1] & "\cookies.txt"

Then it throws an error and me and the script stops. I guess where I am getting at, how exactly am I going to know if it has firefox or not when it goes to copy over the file to my flash drive. I can't have it copy over where $fff = 2, I need to wait until the end of the script but when I get to:

FileCopy($cookies, "E:\cookies\firefox\cookies.txt")

How am I going to know if $cookies actually exists or not?

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